'My instructor in Brisbane for first aid training today was a fantastic educator and brings the classroom to life, he is professional and extremely engaging. I will see you next year to renew my CPR! Thanks!' Nicole B.

'Gratitude to the trainers on a very well presented first aid course. I have never enjoyed a first aid course so much. Everyone I spoke too thoroughly enjoyed our class today. So thank you once again.' Irene R.

'I just completed my CPR course in the Dymocks building and just wanted to say that I`ve had a fabulous instructor! He made the experience very enjoyable & practical. Thank you!' Georgia D.

'I attended First Aid course in Perth. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel I got more out of this course than others I have attended. The trainer did a great job and I really appreciated his whole-hearted approach to teaching. Thank goodness there is still some of that old school style of teaching around - he said at the beginning he was 'going to get inside our heads' and he sure did. Thanks again.' Janice B.

'I attended First Aid Training in Adelaide. I wanted to let you know that I resuscitated a 22 month old baby at the Adelaide Aquatic Center on Saturday afternoon who I later found out was under water for 3 minutes and 25 seconds (CCTV footage).The training I received made my response immediate and my technique automatic. Thank you for the expert training. You gave me the confidence to react immediately.' Genevieve R.

'The teacher was great, very clear interesting and fun teaching skills, I feel confident in all the basics of First Aid and I would recommended this class.' JF P.

'My teacher covered a lot of it very well, I believe I am in a better position to provide First Aid when needed.' Dominic G.

'I thoroughly enjoyed my day doing my senior First Aid certificate. The course facilitator was highly confident and engaging. I will recommend the course to everyone needing a First Aid.' Neil S.

'Interesting, informative course.Teacher was great.Thanks.' David T.

'Well presented, good practical examples used.' Jacqueline D.

'Had an amazing day with our trainer, full of new information, stories and life treating information which can safe a life anyone, anytime around me.' Patrik J.

'The training was interesting and fast paced, a lot of opportunities to ask questions.' Rachel L.

'Very good.' Maria Camila Z.

'I found today class extremely beneficial, the trainer was fantastic facilitator, full of real and practical stories. I was required to do the course for work, I would recommended to everyone to do it for life.' Felicity H.

'It is a very interesting and useful course, gain comprehensive knowledge about First Aid.' Yura Z.

'The class is very useful for my job, and I really enjoy the content, totally good training.' Yagtong W.

'The class helped me broaden my horizons about First Aid it was enjoyable and knowledgeable.' Aye P. K.

'The trainer is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he encourage participation, keep the class entertained and flowing smoothly. Real life scenarios and input and advice was greatly appreciated. I would recommend him as a teacher.' Daveena D.

'The First Aid course was amazing, very informative, got practical training and a great teacher.' Mia F.

'Awsome instructor, his knowledge and real life examples really brought it to life. Super enthusiastic and engaging. Thank you!' Taline H.

'The trainer present clearly.The subject matter was presented with reelvant, real life examples and we walked away with much more confident in administering First Aid.' Tony L.

'Very informative, instructions were clear. Good content to assist me as part of my duty of care in my job. The trainer was amazing, very easy to listen to certainly knows the content highly professional.' Elizabeth H.

'The course was very informative, and made what might seem difficult, actually straight forward, the teacher was great with his knowledge and his personable personality.' Mark K.

'Very informative program, very important to learn this skills. Great hands on exercises relevant to every day life. Clear explanation and supportive during hands on exercises.' Claire P.

'I found the course to be very involved, easy understand and enjoyable. I enjoyed the practical and I wasn`t forced to participante in anything I didn`t want to, yet I was still involved.' Kelly O.

'I find the course easy to follow, the instructions were always very knowledgeable, over all a great experience.' Christina C.

'Thank you the course was very informative, interesting and clear. Fab.' William W.

'The course made me feel like I would be well equipped to handle an emergency. Trainer was great he knew the content inside out and made me feel confident in what I was learning.' Marquita & Peter H.

'Wonderful, it was extremely valuable experience and I learned so much. Well delivered by an experienced teacher.' Alison S.

'Great, super informative and engaging.' Deth H.